What can I do to help my house sell quickly?

What can I do to help my house sell quickly? Read our blog post by the Warrington Mortgage Centre, providing clients with first-class mortgage advice.

We at Warrington Mortgage Centre have been through the mortgage process with thousands of first time buyers and home owners and have also worked closely with trusted estate agents such as NW Estates. This makes us well-equipped to share our knowledge of what the best tips are for selling your house quickly! 

Take a look at this video of our expert Mortgage Adviser, Sam Fox, and the lovely Jen from NW Estates, give their advice on what works best to get your property off the market: 

Give your house the wow-factor

First impressions are so important when it comes to attracting the attention of potential buyers. Make sure that your house is de-cluttered and that you make the most of the space that you have. The right estate agent can help with this! Make sure toilet lids are down and there are no pets present in the photos or during the viewings. Don’t forget to store away pet toys, beds and bowls too. 

Another big tip is to choose neutral colours to decorate/re-decorate your house. Everyone has different tastes, which leads us nicely onto our next tip! 


De-personalise your house

Now this may prove difficult for some but it’s very important to de-personalise your property as much as possible to help sell your house quickly. When it comes to buying a house, potential viewers don’t want to live in your home they want to find a property that they can make into their home, this is so important to remember! If they have a blank canvas to start with it will be much easier for them to imagine living in the home and making it their own. This means npersonal photographs, posters, trophies or children’s toys! Pop them into storage or hide them away so they are not visible, you can always bring them back out once the viewings are complete. 


Choose a well-established estate agent

An estate agents job is to sell your property for the best value possible. This is why it is absolutely essential to choose the right estate agent to work with. Estate agents are able to advise you on how to get your property looking in tip-top condition, exemplify the unique selling points of the property and then even help you to get this across to potential buyers during the viewing stage. 

If you need more advice on how to sell your house quickly or any other home buyers/sellers advice, please get in touch with either Sam or Jen who will be able to help you: 

Sam Fox, Warrington Mortgage Centre, 01925 573 328 

Jennifer Box, NW Estates, 01925 918123 [/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][/vc_column][/mk_page_section]

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