Warrington Mortgage Centre becomes the FIRST Carbon Neutral Mortgage Broker Firm in Warrington

Positive Planet has certified Warrington Mortgage Centre as Carbon Neutral.

Since 2017 Warrington Mortgage Centre (WMC) has taken significant steps to reduce its carbon footprint, and in January 2022 pledged to become Carbon Neutral by 2024. After only a few months the broker firm has now achieved its goal and become a fully Carbon Neutral business.

Sam Fox, Founder of WMC, said “We’re committed to change. We’re thrilled to announce our family-owned business is now Carbon Neutral. We’ve worked incredibly hard over the past few months to not only provide a friendly, down-to-earth service for our clients but create a positive impact on the planet during the process.”

Becoming Carbon Neutral means that WMC has measured its entire business emissions, including its supply chain, and has purchased carbon credits to offset its carbon footprint. This year it’s funding the planting of 1060 trees, the removal of 106kg of plastic from the ocean, and a range of social and environmental projects globally which will reduce carbon emissions by 106 tonnes of CO2e. WMC is not only creating a positive impact on the planet via these projects but is supporting 16 of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals including good health and wellbeing, gender equality, decent work, and economic and climate action to name a few.

In addition to offsetting the company’s carbon footprint, the team is going one step further by planting 1 tree in the Scottish Highlands per customer to offset the carbon emissions associated with their mortgage products. 1 tree has the potential to sequester up to ¼ tonne of CO2e over its lifetime. WMC is also committing to helping customers reduce their household emissions.

The company has gone from strength to strength and to achieve these goals WMC worked alongside Positive Planet and Trees For Life.

Bryony Salter, Sustainability Engagement Manager at Positive Planet, said “We are delighted to be supporting Warrington Mortgage Centre to achieve their ambitious climate goals. It is great to see a local business commit to not only reduce their own environmental impact but also help their customers and wider network to do the same.”

WMC is not stopping there though. The company is now setting a Net Zero goal of [2035] which means they aim to reduce their own emissions by approximately 90% and continue to offset any residual emissions. This is much more ambitious than the government’s Net Zero 2050 goal but with the help of Positive Planet, the team believes it will be more than achievable.

Find Out More – https://positiveplanet.uk/company-dashboards/warrington-mortgage-centre/

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