Mortgage Heroes Podcast With Phill Pinson

Phill Pinson

Have you watched/listened to our Mortgage Heroes Podcast yet? Whether you’re a First Time Buyer, your remortgage is coming up or you are looking for a new house we’ve got tonnes of property related content that will help you be in the best position to make your next move.

There’s so much choice now when it comes to mortgages, and we’re not JUST limited the the places on our High street.

With the world of mortgages changing and everyone’s circumstances becoming a little more unique, it’s paved the way for specialist lenders to provide mortgages to those that might not fit the high street criteria. In Ep3 of our Mortgage Heroes Podcast, we sit down with Phill Pinson, Business Development Manager from Kensington Mortgages. He shares their tips on how they can support First Time Buyers across the UK!

So, who the heck are Kensington?

Kensington are a specialist lender and support First Time Buyers and Homeowners that don’t fit ‘the bill’ with the traditional standard high street banks like Lloyds or HSBC.

They look to support clients that may have had a little something negative on their credit report, or have experienced a huge increase in profits and would like to maximise their mortgage affordability based on the increased income, where high street lenders may look to average this!

We look under the hood at how interest rates are decided and the factors that can influence how much you’ll repay on your mortgage payments and ways that lenders can be creative with criteria to support customers like never before.

Phill also provides insights to the internal underwriting processes one the APPLY button has been hit to give you peace of mind that these guys are the real deal and are here to make sure you understand the homebuying process.

Make sure you listen in to the end to find out the top tip you can hold onto when considering you’re buying your first home.

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Disclaimer: As a mortgage is secured against your home, it could be repossessed if you do not keep up the mortgage repayments.

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