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The Mortgage Heroes

Who’d thought the world of mortgages could be so complex with so many moving parts!

We understand that buying a property can be super stressful and there is often so many unanswered questions that you might think of before, during – or even after you’ve completed the mortgage process!

We’ve teamed up with industry experts to bring you The Mortgage Heroes series which breaks down the key steps along the way and helps you understand the ins and outs of the mortgage world.

warrington mortgage heroes podcasts

Upcoming Episodes

Britain's Biggest Building Society with Darren Cunliffe

Nationwide. Britain’s Biggest Building Society. We’ve all seen the TV adverts and branches up and down the country, but just exactly can they help YOU buy your first home? We’re with Darren Cunliffe, Business Development Manager from Nationwide, sharing their best practice at securing your first mortgage.

Homebuying made easy for First Time Buyers

We ALL want to have the beautiful satisfaction that we’ve bought our first home. But often we can find it hard to just get started! Whilst it’s exciting, there are so many different parts of the process to get your head around whilst buying your first home. So we’re breaking this down so that you’re in the know when it comes to taking that next step!

More than just the Highstreet

There’s so much choice now when it comes to mortgages, and we’re not JUST limited to the places on our High street. With the world of mortgages changing and everyone’s circumstances becoming a little more unique, it’s paved the way for specialist lenders to provide mortgages to those that might not fit the high street criteria. In this episode, we’re here with Phill Pinson, Business Development Manager from Kensington Mortgages – sharing their tips on how they can support first-time buyers across the UK.

Negotiating your first purchase like a champ!

The excitement of buying your first home is ace! You’re on all the usual property websites trying to find the right place to buy and without a doubt, you’ll have a tonne of viewings booked. But what happens if this is the one for you? In this episode, we have Tesh from Hamlet Homes (Thanks for sponsoring this series!), giving us their top tips on how to buy your home like a boss.

Light on Legals!

Conveyancing. The sort of stuff we tend to leave to the last minute and usually the stage where we have the most questions! In this episode, we’re joined by Rachel Howe where we break down the legal process to buying your first home from the Searches that are ordered, the best day ever! – getting the keys to your first home.

Behind the scenes of a Survey

It happens with almost every house purchase. We’re not talking about someone taking a chip out the wall whilst moving furniture, though! We’re talking about all types of Surveys, what they’re for and why you might need one! In this episode, Matt O’Dwyer gives us his inside knowledge of the Survey process.

What is a Remortgage?

Remortgages come around faster than Birthdays – or so it seems! The Remortgage process can be a daunting one. Imagine this, you’ve bought your home, you’ve redecorated, you may have had a couple of kids and you’re really settled… then BAM, a letter drops through the post from your lender saying changes are being made to your current deal. This usually means your interest rates might creep up! So where do go from here? We’re joined in this episode by Lee Carthew, a WMC Adviser, on the best practices on how you can keep on top of your mortgage.

Insurance... What Insurance?

In this day in age, we’ve all insured something, for some reason. Heck, you can now even get insurance against and alien abduction! But, how can we decide what’s best for us? In this episode, we’re with Sam McWilliams, a WMC Adviser discussing all things insurances, covering off the different types, and why you might want to consider having some insurances in place for your loved ones.

Sizing up your next home with Hamlet Homes

Looking to level up into your next family home? Don’t get caught out with age-old mistakes when trying to maximise the value of your home. In this episode, we’re back with Tesh from Hamlet Homes, discussing the best ways to approach your property sale.

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