Meet our Trees

trees for life

We’re striving to help provide a service that’s completely stress-free and Carbon Neutral!

We are on a mission to work with our customers to plant enough trees to offset all CO2 emissions that we generate in helping you secure homeownership – which draws right back to our staff travelling into our offices.

We aim to become fully Carbon Neutral Certified business by 2024.

Ensuring our staff have the correct training on how to have a positive impact, not only for your mortgage, but for the sustainability of our plant.

We’re committed to change.

We understand that the world needs our support.

Sam & Ray Fox

Together, we can make a difference

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Trees in our grove, which equals...

of car miles off-set!


For every client that we work with, we’ll be planting 1 tree in the Scottish Highlands, just for you!

The great thing is, it’s estimated that 1 tree has the potential to sequester up to ¼ of a Tonne of CO2e over its lifetime.

Studies show that with the right conditions, across a single tree’s life it could off-set up to 1,200 miles driven in a car!

A note on that – this assumes that car is petrol and achieves the UK’s average miles per gallon (MPG) in 2020.

Mortgage Advisors

If you would like to find out more about our contributions, then feel free to contact us