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Once had a dream of becoming a musician having studied Music at University, then switched up to become a Warrington based Mortgage Adviser – to support young families secure their forever home.

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Ray Mortgage Top Trumps


Senior Mortgage Adviser

Mortgages have been a part of Ray’s life longer than Sam!
With over 30 years as a Warrington-based Mortgage Adviser, Ray knows exactly how to help homebuyers secure their dream home or how to help Landlords maximise their investments.

Some say he’s a distant relative to Grumpelstiltskin, hover over his picture for more!



Mortgage & Protection Adviser

Having been a Branch Manager in a local Warrington bank, Lee has come across hundreds of unique circumstances that he’s now able to deliver expert advice locally, as Mortgage, Protection & Equity Release Adviser!

Lee’s superpower is remaining calm. Hover over his picture for more!


Lee Mortgage Top Trumps
Sam Mortgage Top Trumps

Sam M.

Mortgage & Protection Adviser

A Project Manager in his former life, based in Warrington and here to make sure you’re Homebuying journey is organised, enjoyable, and most of all – you get the best Mortgage Advice possible!

Sam’s special skill is providing Life Insurance Advice, hover over his picture to find out more…



Mortgage & Protection Adviser

Qualified with one of the UK’s largest mortgage lenders and is now here with us providing straightforward mortgage & protection advice to clients across the North West!

Her special skill is saving client’s money. Hover over her picture for more fun facts!


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Chris Mortgage Top Trumps


Mortgage & Protection Adviser

Having spent most of his career working for a Warrington based bank, Chris has supported many local clients navigate through the world of Mortgages both for residential and commercial purposes.

His special skill is providing First Time Buyer’s advice. Hover over his picture for more!



Mortgage Administrator 

Has always been in customer centric roles and is key to our clients understanding our internal processes and making sure that you have the right protection in place ahead of your purchase.

She’s also an amazing problem solver! Hover over her picture for more.


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Michelle Mortgage Top Trumps


Mortgage Administrator

Experienced in property management, Michelle is here to liaise with the key people in the property chain, such as your solicitors, to make sure that we’re helping you understand the latter parts of the homebuying process.

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Mortgage Administrator 

Our first Member of our Mortgage Adviser Academy, Will has flown through his exams to become a Warrington based Mortgage & Protection Adviser! Will also helps to make sure that Mortgage Applications are seamless, and we receive your mortgage offer as quickly as possible.

Fun Fact: Will can inhale a croissant in one. Hover over his picture for more!


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Tara Mortgage Top Trumps


Operations Manager

Here to keep everything in check! Tara makes sure that the whole team are working with you along your Homeownership journey to ensure you have the best possible experience whilst working with us.

Her special skill is definitely multi-tasking… hover over her picture to reveal her superpower!